The health care industry has a critical role to play in climate change mitigation. Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, GGHH is a network that brings together hospitals, health systems, and health organizations from around the world under the shared goal of reducing the environmental footprint of the health sector and contributing to improved public and environmental health. We caught up with Nick Thorp the Global Community Manager of GGHH and he explains what they are doing to improve public and environmental health.

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Sonia Roschnik, non-executive Director of Health Care Without Harm Europe, says that health care should be more creating and not damaging health with its environmental footprints

With the launch of the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, the GGHH Network is increasingly working to mobilize health care to reduce its own carbon footprint, become more climate resilient, and exert leadership to help every society transition to a low carbon energy future.

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